The Garden: After Hieronymus Bosch


Humanity's intelligence and skill as a tool maker.

Lepenski Vir Fish God, planaria, tardigrades, trilobites.

The central tower features the platonic solids, an all seeing eye, and other very useful geometry.

Non-stop dopamine drip.

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Hypernatural stimuli.

The 'scrip calls for more.

"Oh, uh, sorry I was on mute."

The morning routine.


Like rabbits.

#hiking #nature #greatoutdoors

Consume! The devourer and excreter of souls.

Chase false carrots lest you be devoured by gaping ground dentata.

A ghastly fuel that spares no souls.

Strawman, quartered, skewered and shot full of arrows. Political discourse transpiring as usual.


Maybe you can take it with you.

The vast majority of models in the scene were sculpted in VR using Adobe Substance Modeler.

Those models were composed using Cinema 4d, then lit and rendered with Octane.

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