Diligence Studio teamed up with Tool and R/GA to create a one-of-a-kind Augmented Reality experience for Verizon’s iPhone 13 launch. 

With character design from the artist duo Friends with You and music from Halsey, this experience included a large scale on-location experience as well as an at-home version that allowed users from all over the globe to participate. On-site users in Seattle, Miami, NYC, LA, and Chicago participated in a virtual scavenger hunt while folks using the at-home version could contribute custom characters. 

At-Home Experience

Character Interactions

On-Site Experience Environment Development

Behind the Scenes
Promo Video

Role: AR Creative + Animation Direction, Character Modeling, Environment Layout + Design, Pre Visualization
Character Design: Friends with You
Created with: Tool of NA + R/GA
Additional Modeling, Animation and 3d Art: Kurt Drubbel and Leonardo Conde
Promo and BTS Videos by: Grainey Pictures

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